Parmesan Crusted Fish

“Parmesan crusted fish with penne pasta in a fire roasted tomato sauce topped with cheese.”

Calories - 300

Fat - 8 g

Sodium - 560 mg

WW PointsPlus - 8

First impressions:  Straight out of the microwave, this one looks pretty good.  Quite a bit like the box art, in fact.  Seems to be missing some of the cheese, but otherwise quite nice.  Smells pretty good, and not intensely fishy.  The person using the microwave after you probably won’t complain unless they are highly sensitive to seafood smells.

Gustatory impressions: The pasta is only the tiniest bit more done than I’d like, but is better than most frozen dinner pastas.  For once, the amount of sauce is actually proportional to the meal.  I don’t know if the tomatoes were actually fire-roasted, but they were tasty enough.  The zucchini was way too overcooked and pretty gross and mushy, but there wasn’t much of it, at least.  The fish itself was a pleasant surprise, however, the top of the crust didn’t get as crispy as I’d like, and the bottom of it was so crispy I had to use a knife.  Still, it was surprisingly tasty.

Summary:  I generally avoid seafood frozen dinners because they almost always taste awful and leave your kitchen stinky for hours.  I was shockingly pleased with this one, however, and will probably put it in the regular rotation.  Decent pasta and yummy fish more than make up for the small problems I had with the meal.  Not sure it’s as filling as some of Lean Cuisine’s other 300 calorie entrees, but I’m satisfied with the amount of food included.  Oh, and if you’re curious, the purposefully vague “fish” here is Alaska Pollock.  If you have also been hunting for an edible seafood frozen dinner, this one might work for you.

Rating:  4 out of 5 Plastic Forks