Grilled Chicken Primavera

“Grilled white meat chicken with asparagus,tomatoes & whole wheat pasta in a creamy garlic sauce. ”

Calories - 220

Fat - 4.5 g

Sodium - 610 mg

WW PointsPlus - 5

First impressions:  Right out of the microwave, this looks pretty good.  The veggies are nice and bright, the chicken does have some “grill marks”, the pasta is pasta-shaped.  The sauce seems a tad thick but other than that, it looks pretty good.

Gustatory impressions: BLEH.  BLECH.  PHOOEY.  Never have I been so utterly fooled by the appearance of a frozen diet meal.  The chicken has a weird, sort of soft texture.  Some of the asparagus is lovely and crisp, and other bits are horribly mushy.  The pasta is HORRIBLE.  Seriously overcooked, mushy, and the thick sauce just glues it together in unappealing lumps.  The sauce itself tastes OK.  The broccoli is the only part of this meal that is properly cooked and actually tasty.

Summary:  At last I come to a Lean Cuisine I couldn’t finish.  I ate the weird chicken and the variably-cooked asparagus and the broccoli, but there was no way I could choke down the pasta.  It’s nice that it’s so low in fat, but it’s pretty high in sodium for a Lean Cuisine, and that doesn’t seem to improve the taste.  If you like horribly overcooked, gluey pasta, maybe you’ll like this one.  If not, you will, like me, be searching for something else to eat to make up for your lack of lunchtime sustenance. 

Rating:  1 out of 5 Plastic Forks