Steak Tips Portabello

“Tender beef steak & portabello mushrooms in a savory beef sauce with broccoli. ”

Calories - 160

Fat - 5 g

Sodium - 560 mg

WW PointsPlus - 4

First impressions:  Looks appetizing enough.  The broccoli is bright green and looks a tiny bit overdone, but not much.  On the other side of the tray is a soupy concoction of beef, onions, mushroom and lots and lots and lots of sauce.  Smells pretty good.  Doesn’t look like a whole lot of food, though.

Gustatory impressions: Yum!  The broccoli is really only the tiniest bit overcooked, and if you’re not used to steaming your own at home, you might not even notice.The beef is really, really good for a frozen diet meal.  It is, in fact, tender.  There are mushrooms in here, but I couldn’t tell you if they were portabellos or not, because the pieces are so tiny.  And there are some afterthought sort of onions in here, too.  The sauce is runny but tasty, even if there is way too much of it.

Summary:  This is one of my favorite-tasting Lean Cuisines.  I like broccoli, I like steak, I like mushrooms, so I like this meal.  The downfall of this one comes from the unfortunately small portion size.  Seriously, who eats a 160 calorie lunch?  (If you are eating 160 calories for lunch, I hope you’re doing so under a doctor’s care, because that’s not enough food for most people to actually live on.)  So if you do pick this one up, add a healthy side dish, or, if you’re unprepared like me, a 100-calorie bag of pretzels, and you might be satisfied.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 Plastic Forks (would be 4 if the portion was larger)